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New Version of Soundmuter !

New Version of Soundmuter !


So the new version of Soundmuter seems to be done, I’ve tested it and it seems to be stable enough.

Whats different from the Pubg muter?
Well a lot actually.
The Pubg muter only muted Pubg with a pre-defined keycombo(Alt+N).

Soundmuter on the other hand, supports any number of Keybinding to any number of processes.
As long as the process actually produces sound, it can be muted.
Everything is saved in a .XML file so you don’t have to rebind everything everytime you start the application.

So how do you actually use this?
Well its very simple.

First off, download it from the link below.
Start the program, find it in your Tray and right-click it.
You’ll want to press “Configuration” and make sure the process you want to mute is present.
Select it and then press “Register Hotkey” and hold down your keybind you wish to use.
Press “Add” and then Done.

You can now use the keybind to mute the process.
In case the process is not found, for instance you just booted up your computer and dident start Winamp yet, nothing will happen.
Picture of the config in Soundmuter.

Picture where you add your keycombo in soundmuter


Heres the download

Download MuteSound

And here the Github for it.


ThugByte, What is that?

ThugByte, What is that?

What is ThugByte?

Well ThugByte is a small piece of software that allows you to stream MP3 files and download them from various sources from the internet.
ThugByte itself does not contain any mp3 files and only collects URLs, kinda like a search engine.


  • Streaming Music (Ofcourse?)
  • Download(Use at own risk, some files might be Copyright protected)
  • Tab System, to keep multiple results open
  • Remove all Russian songs(If they’re in Cryllic)
  • Shows Lyrics(If found)
  • Displays AlbumArt
  • Related Artists
  • Auto-Update whenever there is a new version
  • Support for SLACK API, Post new songs into your slack channel
  • SCD 122U Support. Displays current song name on the display via Comport
  • Hotkeys for Play / Pause and Next
  • Select soundout device.