Spotify Lyrics

Just a small software without any functions except for the main one, pull lyrics for spotify.   Start program, click start and you’ll get the lyrics for the song. It Checks the song every 2 seconds.

Thugbyte 1.4.1

-1.4.1- -Added Server & Client Feature A server controls the music, as the client can queue a song to the server. Aswell as play/Pause and Next. -Added Queue ability for songs -Added another option on Rightclick in the Search results. This adds the songs URL to the Clipboard and displays Continue Reading

Upcoming Feature

I’m slowly working on a TCP Client/Server for Thugbyte. This will allow one client to connect to the other one and “Take” control. And how is this useful? Well let’s say you got one pair of speakers in a room with 4 people. Rather than people yelling at you with Continue Reading

Thugbyte 1.4.0

Hello! A few new things has been introduced and i forgot to add them here. So here we go. NOTE: If you’re on 1.3.9 you will need to download this manually. I broke the update function in 1.3.9 without realising it. -1.4.0- -Fixed Source 1 Issue -I now track when Continue Reading

[Preview] Thugbyte 2.0

Hello. Heres a preview of what i got so far. It “Works” but lacks alot of Features present in the current Thugbyte. At the moment, there is some issues with the Threading, since WPF does not like creating UserInterfaces on Seperated threads and then Adding them into a existing controller. Continue Reading

Other Projects

Hello. So i added a new page to the website called “Other Projects”. This is where i will post all my Software that i no longer update. There will be Download links, and some Source Code aswell. Since its mostly older projects, the coding might be a bit… crap. But Continue Reading

ThugByte 1.3.7

Hello! A new update has arrived! The Status text is back, not a big deal. But it was missed by many. And a new Feature! Hotkeys! You can now use Hotkeys to Play/Pause and go to next Song. This can be Changed in the Properties Menu. Remember that the hotkeys Continue Reading

Thugbyte 1.3.6

Hello People. Here is a small update for today. Newest version can be found when you start ThugByte. -Added Exit button to NotifyButton -Added “Search Both” which searches both engines at the same time and presents a combinded results. It also tries to remove dupes. NOTE: This function takes longer Continue Reading