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ThugbyteGithub == True?

ThugbyteGithub == True?

So i’ve decided to release ThugByte on Github.


Why? Well i no longer maintaine it and i would just rather release it into the world, incase someone needs something from it than letting it “Die”.

The sourcecode lacks a lot of comments, but in my opinion its still understandable if you take the time.

I’ve also removed API keys and etc and replace with it “###API###”. – Ultimata epostadressen – Ultimata epostadressen

Nu har vi en ny hemsida på G.
Allt snack av en specifik kollega att han antagligen har världens största penis.

Så då tänkte, man kanske skulle kolla ifall det fanns en domän till snubben?
Dessvärre va det bökigt med epost när det kommer till Ö, så Störstpenis gick icke.
Men, den jävel va ledig!

Så nu har jag plockat den domäne och ger ut gratis Epost Alias till alla som frågar.
Det innebär att om du har “” så pekar vi “”, så alla mejl går till pelles vanliga epost, men han kan ge ut sin till folk och hemsidor.

So i had this idea.
I’ve always been using to check out my external Ip and more recently my own subdomain.

But i finally came up with a simple enough DNS name to actually make it happen.

Its a simple site, just show you the External

ThugByte 1.5.8

ThugByte 1.5.8

Thugbyte 1.5.8
-Tab searches
-Removed Playlist, filled no function
-Removed Webservice, filled no function
-Removed Lan support, Filled no function
-Fixed small bugg when shuting down, if the download form was open
-Removed Theme creator, Filled no function and made the program die if incorrect colours was set.
-Fixed Source one, Altho it seems the like libary has shrunk.

Download below

Thugbyte 1.5.8
Spotify Lyrics – Final Version

Spotify Lyrics – Final Version

Spotify Lyrics

This is probebly the final version of Spotify lyrics that i will make
Its based on an opensource .net webbrowser( to provide a responsive design, Which the default .net browser dont support for some reason.

Because of the third-party library, the program is rather large, compared to the other versions.
Heres a picture of how the lyrics are presented.
Do note that Spotify has to be running on the same computer.

Spotify Lyrics

How does it work?

It pulls Album art and Lyrics from the web.
It then divides the lyrics by 3, to make it fit without scrolling.
It checks if the song has changed every 5 second or so.
The design is responsive and so it should work on most resolutions.
To access the Option menu, press “Alt+Q” and you can select font size and colour.

Spotify Lyrics can be downloade here
Spotify Lyrics - Download

I’m not sure if i should upload this or not.
IF someone ask for it, sure. Otherwise no.

New Version of Soundmuter !

New Version of Soundmuter !


So the new version of Soundmuter seems to be done, I’ve tested it and it seems to be stable enough.

Whats different from the Pubg muter?
Well a lot actually.
The Pubg muter only muted Pubg with a pre-defined keycombo(Alt+N).

Soundmuter on the other hand, supports any number of Keybinding to any number of processes.
As long as the process actually produces sound, it can be muted.
Everything is saved in a .XML file so you don’t have to rebind everything everytime you start the application.

So how do you actually use this?
Well its very simple.

First off, download it from the link below.
Start the program, find it in your Tray and right-click it.
You’ll want to press “Configuration” and make sure the process you want to mute is present.
Select it and then press “Register Hotkey” and hold down your keybind you wish to use.
Press “Add” and then Done.

You can now use the keybind to mute the process.
In case the process is not found, for instance you just booted up your computer and dident start Winamp yet, nothing will happen.
Picture of the config in Soundmuter.

Picture where you add your keycombo in soundmuter


Heres the download

Download MuteSound

And here the Github for it.


Soundmuter WIP

Soundmuter WIP

As a lot of people seems to be downloading the soundmuter for Playerunknowns Battlegrounds, I’ve decided to develop it a bit more.
The current version only supports Pubg and a precoded hot key combo.

The version that’s in the oven right now will support unlimited processes and hot keys via the configuration.

As soon as its done, i’ll check it in on Github and upload a precompiled .exe here.


Heres a picture of the “Config” looks right now.
Press any process in the left box, and then “Register Hotkey” for example Alt+N or CTRL+T.
Press “Add” and then “Done”!

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds sound muter

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds sound muter


Most of you know, the early game of Pubg is a nightmare.
Bad clipping from gun sounds overlapping and the Airplane is loud as SHIT.

So with this small application, you can mute/unmute the game with an easy keycombo.
With Alt+N , it will mute the game.
The Application is minimized to your Tray, theres nothing else.

There is nothing more to it. Nothing Fancy.
I might add the ability to customize the combo of keys, if there’s a demand for it.

Download FuckAirplanes

*Requiers .net Framework 4.5.2 to run.

Download FuckAirplanes Project

You can also look at the code on GitHub, this version is the same as the project. Updated version on its way.



Leave a comment if you have any questions or just wanna share 🙂