Spotify Lyrics – Final Version

Spotify Lyrics – Final Version

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Spotify Lyrics

This is probebly the final version of Spotify lyrics that i will make
Its based on an opensource .net webbrowser( to provide a responsive design, Which the default .net browser dont support for some reason.

Because of the third-party library, the program is rather large, compared to the other versions.
Heres a picture of how the lyrics are presented.
Do note that Spotify has to be running on the same computer.

Spotify Lyrics

How does it work?

It pulls Album art and Lyrics from the web.
It then divides the lyrics by 3, to make it fit without scrolling.
It checks if the song has changed every 5 second or so.
The design is responsive and so it should work on most resolutions.
To access the Option menu, press “Alt+Q” and you can select font size and colour.

Spotify Lyrics can be downloade here
Spotify Lyrics - Download

I’m not sure if i should upload this or not.
IF someone ask for it, sure. Otherwise no.

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