Spotify Lyrics – Final Version

Spotify Lyrics This is probebly the final version of Spotify lyrics that i will make Its based on an opensource .net webbrowser( to provide a responsive design, Which the default .net browser dont support for some reason. Because of the third-party library, the program is rather large, compared to the Continue Reading

New Version of Soundmuter !

Soundmuter So the new version of Soundmuter seems to be done, I’ve tested it and it seems to be stable enough. Whats different from the Pubg muter? Well a lot actually. The Pubg muter only muted Pubg with a pre-defined keycombo(Alt+N). Soundmuter on the other hand, supports any number of Continue Reading

Soundmuter WIP

As a lot of people seems to be downloading the soundmuter for Playerunknowns Battlegrounds, I’ve decided to develop it a bit more. The current version only supports Pubg and a precoded hot key combo. The version that’s in the oven right now will support unlimited processes and hot keys via Continue Reading