Month: November 2016

Thugbyte Update 1.5.2

Thugbyte Update 1.5.2

New update up.
So what’s new?

  • The Design has changed a bit
  • Added another sound Source (This source only allows up to 6 requests per IP per 30sec, so dont spam play songs. Search is no issue tho.)
  • Added a webservice that can use source 1 and 3, this can be access under “Server_Client”
    To access these run localhost:666 for Source 1 and localhost:666/S1 for Source 3
  • Added a BETA theme manager
  • Fixed bugg where Downloadmanager would not shut down when main program was exited
  • Volume slider will now remember your audio settings, its saves current position each time you change it.


Download link:

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