Thugbyte 1.4.0

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A few new things has been introduced and i forgot to add them here.
So here we go.

NOTE: If you’re on 1.3.9 you will need to download this manually.
I broke the update function in 1.3.9 without realising it.

-Fixed Source 1 Issue
-I now track when a new user starts the program, this can be disabled in the settings file. Defualt is “True”
-Updated NAudio libery
-Fixed Issue where new autocompletes would not be saved

-New Options-
-You can now select what device to send music through.
-Swap color on the Progessbar, Red,Green,Yellow.

-Removed Networking function completly, since its never active
-Fixed issue where Hotkeys would stop working when minimizing.
-Settings are now reloaded whenever they’re saved

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