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Month: May 2016

Upcoming Feature

Upcoming Feature

I’m slowly working on a TCP Client/Server for Thugbyte.
This will allow one client to connect to the other one and “Take” control.

And how is this useful? Well let’s say you got one pair of speakers in a room with 4 people.
Rather than people yelling at you with Song Request, they can queue it up in their thugbyte and send it over to yours.Aswell as Paus the music and “Next”.

The flow will look something like this.

Lets call them Serv = Server and C1 for Clients.

Serv “Starts” the server part of the application
This means that the Serv will start listening for connections on its Local network
C1 “Starts” Client mode, here it will prompt for an IP adress, which is ofcourse the servers.

When C1 connects the Serv will sendout its current search results, so C1 can take part of it.
C1 cant play music while in client mode, but he can still search for song, but rather than playing them localy, all songs will be sent to the server queue.Now depending on the settings i assume, C1 can either Request a Pause/Next or just do it right away.

So insteed of an Office war over the music, everyone can be happy with their own results.

Thugbyte 1.4.0

Thugbyte 1.4.0


A few new things has been introduced and i forgot to add them here.
So here we go.

NOTE: If you’re on 1.3.9 you will need to download this manually.
I broke the update function in 1.3.9 without realising it.

-Fixed Source 1 Issue
-I now track when a new user starts the program, this can be disabled in the settings file. Defualt is “True”
-Updated NAudio libery
-Fixed Issue where new autocompletes would not be saved

-New Options-
-You can now select what device to send music through.
-Swap color on the Progessbar, Red,Green,Yellow.

-Removed Networking function completly, since its never active
-Fixed issue where Hotkeys would stop working when minimizing.
-Settings are now reloaded whenever they’re saved